How To Root Android Without Computer Guide 2016


How To Root Android Without Computer Guide 2016

Root Android Device Without Computer 2016. Root Almost Any Android Device With This Root Apps And Software. How to Root Android Without Pc Or Computer guide 2016. Root android phone, tablet step by step guide.

Root Guide 2016. today we are going to post full tutorial to root your android phone in very simple steps. Before rooting your Android Phone, at first you must know that why you need to Root your Phone, & What are Advantages & Disadvantages of Rooting your Mobile Phone. So checkout this full root android without pc / jailbreak android phone Method. Some people try to root their phone without any knowledge, letter they might brick their Smartphones by Un-Installing Some important System apps.

Want To Root Android ! Guide 2016. We Know About This That Many Of Readers Want To Root Android Phone Without Pc Or Computer 2016. Here Is Lot's Of benefits Of Root Android Without Pc, First of all, it’s less risky because Rooting phone with pc method like flashing CWM recovery etc is a Bit risky method. After it, If you Root your Phone without Pc, than you can easily unroot it without any Issues. So Best Method for Rooting Mobile phone is that use without Pc Method. Which is mentioned below. 

Advantages of rooting android phone
Everything comes with their own Advantages & Disadvantages. So, Generally for root your phone, there are some advantages & disadvantages. So we have explained some steps here, for the advantages & disadvantages of rooting your Android Smartphone. Below i have described some benefits for rooting your Android Phone. Must read it out. Also don’t Forget to read the disadvantages for root your Phone.
  • Increase Mobile’s Internal Memory, Increase Ram etc without any issues. One of the main problem in Rooted Android Phones is that you can’t Move Apps to Sd / Memory card. But after root, You can move your apps to sd card with link 2 Sd app.
  • Increase Phone’s Performance with Over-Clock CPU & It will increase Overall performance of your Mobile Phone & Boost performance while playing games or Multi Tasking.
  • Increase your Phone’s Battery Life with Greenify app or any app, which can Underclock CPU of your Phone. After under clocking CPU, it will decrease Performance, Will use fewer resources & it will Definitely Increase your Phone’s Battery Life. this is the from one of the most advantage for root android without pc.
  • Another most Biggest benefit of your Android phone is that you can Flash custom ROM like Cyanogen or AOSP ROM etc, which will increase Android version of your Phone & Definitely will increase performance & Get new features in your Old Mobile Phone. So this root android without pc will be very useful for you.
  • You can also Customize your Android phone after rooting with some apps like Gravity Box, Xposed modules etc. there is an easy guide available for Customize your Android Phone with gravity Box app. This will give you a new UI in your Phone & you will feel your Phone look like new.
  • Some Preinstalled apps may cause slower down your Mobile Phone. But without rooting it’s not possible to Uninstall Pre Installed apps, After Rooting you Can Uninstall that apps with Lucky Patcher app, there is also full guide available in our blog for Remove System apps via Lucky Patcher app.
Disadvantages of rooting android mobile
If you are Rooting your Mobile Phone, Then there are some Disadvantages for this Method. It may cause several problems in your Mobile Phone. Everything has its Own Advantages & Disadvantages. Have a Look at Disadvantages of root your Android Phone.
  • Your Phone Might Get Bricked & It will never turn on. So be careful before rooting your Android phone because it may Damage your Phone In Serious Condition.
  • Rooting is an Illegal Process, It will void your Phone’s Warranty. So Before root, Think twice what you are doing. so checkout full how to root android without computer process from below.
  • As i said earlier, Your Phone Might be brick, then all of your data will be loose like contacts, SMS etc. & it will not be recovered so be careful. So it’s highly recommended to back up your data in External Sd card Only, Not in Internal Storage.
  • One of the Biggest Disadvantage of rooting is that, you will not be able to update your phone to the latest updates via OTA. Company Doesn’t Provide Software updates to rooted smart phone users. so if you root your phone, then you have to update your phone every time manually from recovery mode via Zip file.
  • If your Mobile phone is rooted, then your phone will not able to run some of the apps. unfortunately, rooting is a process, in which you can change system values. so some apps thinks your device as fraud & they are not able to run their apps in your mobile phone. for example – Google Wallet app.
For those new to the world of rooting, root access is often used to install custom recoveries, which then can be used to flash custom ROMs, kernels, and other device modifications. Root access also enables users to install the powerful and versatile Xposed Framework, which itself acts as a gateway to easy, non-destructive device modification.

But after rooting be sure to install a SuperUser app which allows root to only devices which you recognize and save you from harmfull apps.

1. SuperUser – KingUser (To Unroot And Root)

One such usefull superuser app is KingUser by KingxTeam.It is the best alternative to SuperSu..and that too with android L material Design.

2. KINGROOT – One click root tool.

KingRoot is an amazing tool for “lazy people” who just want to get root access but don’t want to flash any third party Recovery into their lovely device. It is one of the most famous root tool in China and now we release English version here for everyone, totally free and without AD.

3. FRAMAROOT – Root almost all devices.

Now you can root your android device without PC, just use framaroot. This app including several exploits named as the heroes of the book “The Lord of the Rings” Gandalf, Boromir, Pippin, Legolas, Sam, Frodo, Aragorn and Gimli. You can install Superuser and su binary on phone or tablet from android version 2.x to 4.x.

4. TOWELROOT – If nothing works ..This will.

Created by Recognized Developer geohot, Towelroot is another root exploit app that is compatible with a large range of devices. The root exploit itself is built around Linux kernel CVE-2014-3153 discovered by hacker Pinkie Pie, and it involves an issue in the Futex subsystem that in turn allows for privilege escalation.So to sum it up..It ROOTS your device.

5. iRoot

iRoot has the advanced android root engine and secure android root technique make the success rate more than 90%. Now more than 150,000 devices from Android OS 2.2 to 4.4 are supported by iRoot. This number is still growing.

6. Z4Root

Another app for rooting your device without a computer…supports many number of devices.You will be master of your android phone with just one click to root or unroot your android phone!

 How to Install And Root ? (For all Apps)

Kingroot v4.1.0 Apk (6.42 mb) 
Towelroot Apk (0.11 mb) 
iRoot Apk (4.2 mb)
Z4Root Apk (955 kb) 

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